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Our Route

Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Georgia - Armenia - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Mongolia - Russia

'The Great Southern'

A whopping 16 countries - holy guac!

Dependent on the volatility of boarder guards, the willingness of our humble chariot and our ability to follow a plan...


Quickly eating our way through Eastern Europe, we'll nip through Turkey and then dash over a couple of boarders into Iran. Here we are expectant of great hospitality, which quickly turns to hostility as we cross our fingers for a Turkmenistan transit visa. After that, it's up to the Pamir Highway to make sure that, if we make it, our ride has done so by taking the most battering of trails. Finally, it's all camels and potholes until the finish line!

Now if that doesn't get your taste buds budding and your palms sweating, we'll be as confused as a yak in a cow outfit. 

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