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Luka Goy

Human form of a GPS. Stays true to his German heritage i.e. partial to sausages, beer and efficiency. Route master extraordinaire. Has a mental encyclopaedia of ‘dad jokes’.

Tharina Bouwer

Self-described as ‘small but practical’. Master at napping. Could live off ‘mac n’ cheese’, regularly does so. Budgeting extraordinaire. Loves to prance around and belt out a good Disney tune.

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Savannah Purcell

A happy soul with a permanent smile who helps others on the daily. Bit of an athlete. Has the travel and adventure bug. Often prefers the company of animals over people.

Josh Purcell

The classic kiwi fella crossed with an eco-friendly millennial. Self proclaimed travel guru, adventurer and master of games. Tends to lose things and is terrible at accents. Handy with a piece of wire.

“If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine: It’s lethal.”

Paul Coelho